Shut-Off Dampers HDD

They are primarily used as fan-, profile shut-off and fresh air injection dampers for roads resp. rail tunnels. Furthermore they are utilized in cross sections between two tunnel tubes for fire prevention and smoke exhaustion. Since such applications often arise with high pressure, these dampers are built in an utmost robust design and for low leakage rate.

  • Temperature Range: 250°C/2h, 400°C/2h, 600°C/2h, 750°C/1h
  • Pressure-resistant: up to20.000Pa
  • Leakage rate: 0,1m³/m²/s at 4.000Pa
  • Material: standard steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Frame and blades in various materials
  • Dimensions: up to10x10m
  • Certificated according to EN1366/10 E120S
  • Only one actuator necessary for large or divided dampers