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Spare parts

The timely supply of wear and spare parts is extremely important for the service life and operational readiness of systems. SIROCCO is able to provide the necessary original spare parts for fan and damper systems or heat exchangers. Parts for all common ventilation and heat exchanger systems can also be manufactured and installed.

  • Impellers for fans
  • Louvres for ventilation flaps
  • Shafts and rods
  • Actuators and electric motors
  • Roller and plain bearings
  • Sensors and measuring devices
  • Compensators and attachments
  • Tube bundle for heat exchanger
  • Seals and standard parts
  • Wear protection


Repairs to fans, ventilation systems, control flaps, shut-off flaps and heat exchangers of all types and designs.

The work can be carried out both on site and in our own workshop. All the necessary technical facilities, tools and test equipment are available for this. Necessary welding work is carried out by well-trained and certified personnel.

  • Exchange of slats on ventilation flaps
  • Bearing and linkage change
  • Repair and remanufacture of tube bundles for heat exchangers
  • Repair of rotors for fans
  • Shaft replacement on blowers
  • Replacement of inlet nozzles and housing parts
  • Application of wear protection
  • Repair welding on impellers, casings and steel construction
  • Welding approvals according to ISO 3834-2, EN 1090, EN 15085-CL2
  • Weld seam tests VT, PT and MT according to EN ISO 9712
  • Process for normal, stainless, special steel and aluminium

Preventive maintenance of fans and components in industrial ventilation systems ensures a long service life.

With a well-planned maintenance time, the necessary system downtime is reduced to a minimum. Operating states and system parameters must be checked continuously and target/actual comparisons must be logged. Stationary balancing test benches and mobile balancing devices are also used.

  • Condition and function check of the fans
  • Testing of slide and roller bearings and oil change
  • Vibration control
  • Balancing fan impellers and shafts
  • Checking the drives
  • Measurement of air flow, pressures and temperatures
  • Determination of dust particles in the medium
  • Measurement of vibrations and noise emissions
  • Determination of the material quality, wall thickness and quality of the weld seams

Preventive maintenance of valves in tunnels, metro stations and industrial plants ensures a long service life.

With a well-planned maintenance time, the necessary system downtime is reduced to a minimum.

  • Condition and function check of the flaps
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Cleaning of slats
  • Functional test of the drives
  • Checking the flap linkage
  • Checking the plain bearings on the slat axles
  • Leak checks


Preventative maintenance of the extraction systems and filter systems in paint booths ensures high paint quality and a long service life.

With a well-planned maintenance time, the necessary system downtime is reduced to a minimum.

  • Condition and function check of the fans
  • Vibration control
  • Balancing rotors and shafts
  • Checking the drives
  • Condition and function check of the ventilation flaps
  • Cleaning of slats
  • Checking and cleaning of filters
  • Air volume measurement, pressure measurement
  • Status report for the authority


SIROCCO has many years of experience in installing ventilation components in tunnels and metro stations as well as in industrial ventilation systems.

On-site work, monitoring of complex construction sites and pre-assembly including tests in the in-house workshop are possible.

  • Smoke extraction flaps for tunnels
  • Ventilation systems for tunnels and industry
  • Control and shut-off valves for industry
  • Heat exchanger for system technology
  • ISO-certified processes
  • Occupational safety according to SCC* rules


In cooperation with the plant operator, a systematic processing of the individual steps up to operational readiness takes place. As part of the commissioning, a special technical and safety-related training of the operating staff can take place. The instructions are given directly on the system and with reference to the relevant points in the documentation.

  • Checking for operational readiness and plant safety
  • Adjustment of operating parameters
  • Functional checks
  • Tests and acceptances
  • Logging
  • Training on the operation of the components and systems
  • Notes on care and maintenance for components
  • Discussion of the recurring tests according to documentation
  • Safety briefings



Existing ventilation systems must be able to be adapted to changed conditions and increased production output.

SIROCCO offers a comprehensive program for the optimization of existing ventilation and heating systems through the targeted recording of data, the implementation of measurements, the proposed solutions developed from this and their implementation.

  • Advice on optimization potential
  • Recording of actual states
  • Development of optimization measures
  • Construction and assembly of necessary extensions
  • Commissioning and adjustment

When expanding production processes and lines, it is necessary to provide existing systems with additions, components and new assemblies. SIROCCO offers the complete package required for this, from the development of the interfaces and the planning of the system expansion to the implementation of the conversions.

  • Discussion of the necessary steps
  • Definition of the interfaces
  • Development of expansion measures
  • Construction and assembly of necessary extensions
  • Commissioning and adjustment

An increase in production quantities is often only possible with the installation of additional ventilation systems and heat exchangers.

It requires new technical facilities that can ensure capacity expansion. With its complete solutions, SIROCCO can contribute to meeting future customer requirements in the best possible way.

  • Development of the requirement profile
  • Concept creation
  • Elaboration of the necessary technical facilities
  • Construction and assembly of the components
  • Commissioning and adjustment
  • Provision of the documentation

The conversion of existing air conditioning systems for factory buildings to highly efficient axial fans saves energy costs and reduces CO2 emissions.

The solution consists of a very efficient combination:

Axial fan                                     Efficiency 92%

Permanent magnet-Motor      Efficiency 95%

Frequency converter                  Efficiency 98%

SIROCCO offers a total solution from the analysis to the finished implementation – short amortization times through energy savings are guaranteed.

  • Analysis of the actual situation, consumption and costs
  • Design of the fan system
  • Calculation of energy savings and payback period
  • Concept creation
  • Implementation of the conversion
  • Commissioning and adjustment
  • Verification of actual savings


Inform now!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We only offer a high-quality industry standard. We are happy to compare the design, materials, dimensions and technical data and thus clearly explain the cost difference to you.

Of course, what are your minimum requirements for the heat exchanger we go if you also want low cost.

You always get the best price with us. A little haggling never hurts.

The heat recovered can be used in a number of ways, depending on the specific conditions and needs of your site.

Possible applications are:

  • Space heating: If the heat obtained is sufficient, it can be used to heat rooms. This can be very useful, especially in the cold season.

  • Water heating: You can use the heat gained to heat water. This can be a great way to reduce energy consumption and water heating costs.

  • Process heat: If you work in a company or in an industrial plant, the heat obtained can be used as process heat.

The heat can be used, for example, to dry materials or to heat liquids.

It is important to note that how the harvested heat is used depends on various factors, including the amount of heat harvested, the technologies available, and the specific needs of your site.

The profitability of an investment in a heat recovery system depends on various factors,
such as the energy costs, the heat requirements of your building or system, and the costs of installing and operating the system.

It is therefore important to carry out a careful analysis to determine when such an investment pays off.

As a rule, however, an investment in a heat recovery system pays for itself after a relatively short period of time, especially if the energy costs are high.

In addition, with a heat recovery system you can not only save costs, but also reduce your environmental impact by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing CO2 emissions.

The delivery time for a heat recovery system can vary depending on the model and size of the system as well as current demand and production capacities.

As a rule, however, you can expect a delivery time of 12-16 weeks.